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Our Solution to Quality Leather Goods

We’re an independent Australian studio, creating simplified leather goods that are made to last.Our mission is to craft an item that has serious longevity and timeless aesthetics.


Wallets are used everyday and commonly, this is what ruins them. Products appear to be more focused on their aesthetics rather than the actual functionality and durability of the item. We found ourselves replacing worn out products due to zippers breaking, cheap leathers over stretching or the interior lining falling apart. A good amount of research and testing opened the doors for Hentley in 2015.


Hentley focuses on creating items that simply get better the more you use them. We want you to experience the beauty of traditional vegetable tanned leathers and watch as your items get softer and darker every day. We revolve our designs around simplicity and functionality whilst focusing solely on using one material. By bringing the leather to the forefront and eliminating materials that deteriorate, we’ve created a streamlined leather goods range that will be with you for the long haul.



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