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March 13, 2023

Do you ever find yourself in a pinch, wondering if there is something important that you are forgetting? By having all your essential things close to hand, you could make it easier for you to navigate and manage life daily.

In this blog post we will talk about five things you always should keep in you wallet, to make your life easier. From keeping identification close at hand to having funds readily available when needed, our leather wallets for men can store some of the most important things you need in your daily life.

High Quality Leather Wallet for Men from HentleyHigh Quality Leather Wallet for Men from Hentley

Cash - In Case You Need To Pay With Cash

Cash is essential to keep handy no matter what type of venture you might be undertaking. Whether it’s a surprise expense or an unexpected situation that arises, having ready funds in your wallet can make all the difference when navigating unexpected costs. It can also be beneficial if sellers don't accept electronic payments or credit cards.

Additionally, when travelling outside of your country, it’s wise to have some physical money on hand just in case digital payment methods (payment by credit or debit cards) are unavailable. Carrying cash could save you from being stuck in a difficult financial situation should you encounter some type of emergency.

High Quality Leather Wallet for Men from HentleyLeather Wallet for Men, With a Dedicated Slot/Pocket for Cash. 

Identification - Driver's License or Other State ID Card

Being able to prove your identity is vital in many situations, so make sure you never leave home without one of your forms of identification. Your driver’s license, passport, or other form of identification should be kept in your wallet for any emergencies. It's also important to remember that a government-issued photo ID is usually necessary for domestic air travel and financial transactions.

You don't want to start worrying about finding a copy of your driver's license or looking through old files just to get access to the cash or services you need during an inconvenient situation! Bring the correct ID with you at all times and always have it on hand if needed - it'll help save time and stress when travelling or even just out for evening drinks with friends. If you are fortunate enough to look under 21...

Credit/Debit Cards - Easy Access To Your Bank Accounts

A credit and debit card is an essential item to keep in your wallet. Being able to purchase with a card instead of carrying around large amounts of cash is convenient, quicker, and more secure. Keeping one or two cards with you easily allows you to make transactions without having to worry about potentially getting pickpocketed or losing your hard-earned money.

Credit and debit cards also save time since there’s no need to go to an ATM for withdrawals if you prefer using cards instead of cash. When using a card, it’s easy to track your purchases. whether online or in-store, so that you can stay on top of your spending habits. Having a credit or debit card in your wallet means that you can be ready for any buying situation, anytime!

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Emergency Contact Info

Ensuring that you are prepared in case of an emergency is not something you’d want to be worrying about if the situation arises. Keeping your emergency contact information in your wallet or purse will give you peace of mind and make sure important details are easily accessible.

This includes such things as names and phone numbers of family members or close friends, an address you can call home, and any medical conditions that may require special treatment. This essential information can help medical personnel or police officers respond to an emergency quickly, so having it handy is invaluable.

Business, Loyalty & Membership Cards

If you're always on the go, having your business, loyalty and membership cards handy in your wallet can be a great convenience. Being organized is key to keeping these cards tidy, safe, and easy to reach. After all, who wants to rummage around an overloaded pocketbook or small pouch in search of that precious library card?

Business cards are also great to store in a wallet. Whether you work as a freelancer and hand them out at networking events or have just received one from a helpful colleague, keep it close by so that you never miss an opportunity for development.

Personalised premium Italian leather wallets for giftingMonogrammed Leather Wallet for Men from Hentley

A wallet is essential for everyday life and can be a source of security, control, and convenience when it comes to handling your finances. Taking the time to make sure that your wallet contains all the necessary items is invaluable because it not only allows you to make purchases or access vital information if needed, but prepares you should unexpected situations arise.

Having cash on hand, along with identification cards (id card or driver's license) and emergency contact details give you peace of mind and empower you with freedom in this ever-changing world.

Furthermore, carrying business, loyalty and membership cards in your wallet can ensure that you are conveniently prepared for any tasks that require proof of association or membership. Investing time into ensuring you have everything in your wallet will provide lasting positive benefits for years to come.


Some other items that could be good to keep in your wallet if you're going away for a longer period of time:

  • Insurance card
  • Spare key
  • Health insurance card
  • Extra credit cards if needed
  • Extra emergency cash / Extra money
  • Mobile phone number the person/friend you are travelling with

What NOT To Keep In Your Wallet

This one hopefully goes without saying, but there are a few things we would not recommend you have in your wallet. For example:

  • A post it note with all your PINs. That would be the dream for any thief, to get access to both your debit card and PIN numbers.
  • Old receipts you won't need, they just add bulk and make your wallet look and feel unorganized. No unnecessary receipts mean less junk!

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High Quality Leather Wallet for Men from HentleyHigh Quality Leather Wallet for Men from Hentley

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