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Vegetable Tanned Leather


Vegetable tanned leather is a beautiful natural resource and we always do our best to ensure we are selecting only the best quality pieces to go into our wallets so that you have the highest quality product possible.

We like to think our products aren't completely finished when they leave our shop. The leather will constantly change and adapt to the specific customer overtime. As the wallets change so much as they mature with use, we like to think they are constantly evolving and their story is never finished. This has been one of the best experiences, seeing our customer’s wallet age and adapt to their lifestyle becoming an amazing indicator of their own personal style and life story.


Vegetable Tanned Italian Leather

We hand craft our leather goods using premium Vegetable Tanned Leather. Vegetable Tanned is a traditional form of tanning leather and only 10% of the industry today uses this method. The other 90% use a chrome tanning process that is cost effective and only takes one day. Vegetable tanning is far more time consuming and requires experienced craftsmen to successfully produce the vegetable tanned leather.
Vegetable tanning allows the leather to age naturally. This gives our wallets a beautiful, rich appearance that gets better the more you use it. The leather continuously matures and alters gradually overtime as it develops a unique patina, often becoming darker and more supple. The patina will differ from each piece of leather in the construction of your wallet and also from the way it's handled. The colour of your wallet will become darker and warmer as it ages with you. Don't be afraid of it changing overtime. Keep in mind this is a natural material and the general marks and wear should be embraced.


Natural markings on Leather 

Leather is a natural product and as such, it bares the hallmarks of its origin. Unique individual markings may appear on the hide and should not be considered as defects. Instead, they give leather a unique identity, that display its natural beauty.
Full Grain Leather will display natural markings and grain characteristics from the animal of which it was taken. This leather comes from the higher quality hide or skin and unlike other leather manufacturers who may process the leather to hide its low quality, we apply no sanding processes to its surface, being transparent to its high quality and offering a natural look and feel. 
It's rare, however, If you're lucky your wallet may even contain natural markings from barbed wire scratches, insect bites, horn blows, wrinkles, or scars 


Taking Care of it

Keeping your wallet in pristine condition is very simple. Remember leather is a natural skin, just like yours, so it needs to be maintained. To find out more about our leather care procedures and basic maintenance simply visit our leather care page by clicking here.



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