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Follow these general principals and procedures and your wallet will be with you for years, only getting better with age!

We highly recommend that you use our leather conditioner with your wallets every 3 months. Using other chemicals or moisturisers to clean or nourish your wallet may damage the leather and stitching.

Our leather is tanned and treated using various dying methods. There is a slim chance that the tannins from the leather could transfer on to other fabrics, the same way your jeans could rub onto the leather. Please be mindful of this and take care when using the product.

Caring for your Leather

Keeping your wallet in pristine condition is very simple. Remember leather is a natural skin, just like yours, so it needs to be maintained.


Remember leather is a natural product and will change over time. This is simply called ageing and should be embraced. Your wallet will soften and personalise itself to your habits over time. This is unique to you and your way of life. Embrace it!

Avoid contact with coloured materials. Some materials, especially denim, fade over time and lose their colour which may rub off onto your wallet.

Don't keep your wallet in the rain, ensure it is tucked away in your pocket where it can stay dry. Also ensure it is kept away and dry from washing up areas and basins as soapy waters can damage and stain the leather. If the product becomes wet, wipe away the excess moisture and leave to dry naturally at room temperature. Never dry with a direct heat source such as a fireplace or hair dryer.

To moisturise your leather, apply a small amount of a Hentley leather conditioner to the leathers surface. Apply using a clean, white, cotton cloth every 3 months. For more instructions on application please see our conditioner.

We recommend keeping them away from makeup, food, or other oil based products which can penetrate the natural fibres of the leather and potentially stain the wallet.

Remember leather stretches out but not in. Don't over load your wallets as this can have a permanent effect on its hold capacity and it won't be able to return to its designed shape. Simply carry only what you need to so your wallet continuously functions how you want it to.

Your wallet needs to breathe. Don't wrap it in plastic or any other material that prevents air flow. We want to prevent mildew growth here so make sure your wallet is ventilated.

If there is some unwanted permanent staining on your wallet, go to a special leather cleaning expert who will be able to work some magic! Otherwise get in contact with us if you're in doubt!

If you have any concerns or questions please get in touch. We will be more than happy to help!


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