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Hentley // Water Is Life T-Shirts

100% of Profits Donated to Water is Life

Cotton T-Shirts with Premium Logo Embroidery

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Support Clean Water around the world - 100% of Profits Donated to Water is Life.

The weakest members of communities are the most vulnerable; every day, water-related diseases claim the lives of 4,100 children under the age of 5. Millions are stricken with preventable diseases because of the lack of clean water.

When you purchase a Hentley // Water is Life T-Shirt, 100% of the profits will go directly to providing clean drinking water to many communities throughout the world. It’s our way of giving back and supporting a cause we whole-heartedly believe in.


100% Profits Donated To Water is Life
100% Combed Cotton
High Quality Stitched Logos 
Assembled in Australia
Sizes - S, M, L, XL 

Who are they?
Water is Life is on a mission. They provide clean water, hygiene and sanitation programs to those communities throughout the world that are desperately in need. They are a community driven organisation saving lives by providing the most basic right of human life - clean, safe drinking water. They not only provide life-saving water filtration straws for the immediate need, but they are also committed to developing community-driven initiatives that will continue to save thousands of lives for generations to come.

The filter is a portable water purifier, which can be used in any water source to provide clean and safe drinking water. The filter acts as a straw. It hangs around the neck of a child and provides him or her clean, filtered water, a basic need for survival. The user places the end of the filter into the water source and sucks as he or she would on a regular straw. As the water passes through the filter, it’s cleaned. The filters are the first step in providing communities with a sustainable clean water source. The filters are for intervening and providing emergency filtration. Once the straws are distributed, a team will evaluate additional pure water source options and, within a year, develop a sustainable, integrated sanitation plan that includes hygiene education to not only save lives but to transform communities.

To find out more about the amazing work done by Water is Life check them out here.

Help us to support clean water today by purchasing one of our exclusive Hentley // WaterisLife T-Shirts today!

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