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July 19, 2016

India is known for its bustling cities, the Taj Mahal and delicious cuisines. However a lot of us don't know anything about the South of India.

Hentley traveled to India's South in search of the amazing culture and landscapes we heard so much about.

Once you arrive in the southern part of India, everything changes. The food you eat, the way people communicate, the population sizes and of course the food.

Known as 'Gods Own Country' Kerala is known mainly for it's backwaters and elegant houseboats. Combine that with unique traditions, taste-bud-tingling cuisines, temple festivals, wild elephants and snake boat races, Kerala is an extremely unique place that everyone should experience.

It's hard to deny an adventure here. The south will change the way you view India forever.

We loved it that much, we even named a wallet after it!

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