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June 10, 2022

Leather is one of the oldest materials known to man, dating back to prehistoric times, leather has been used for everything from clothing and shelter to tools and even weapons. In fact, leather items were so valuable that they were often used as currency.

To this day leather is a popular material, however the way we use it has changed over time.

In this article we will look at the history of leather and how it has been used over the years. We will also explore some of the popular and modern ways leather are being used today, for example for leather wallets for men and so on. 

So, if you're curious about this versatile material, read on!

The History of Leather

The History Of Leather Wallets for MenPhoto by m0851 on Unsplash

Ancient Civilizations 

The earliest sightings of leather and leather goods have been found in Egyptian tomb walls and paintings from 5000 BC. These paintings depicted people wearing leather sandals, gloves, and clothing, as well as using leather for shrouds, bottles, and buckets.

It is believed that the Ancient Greeks were the first to develop tanning formulas. Around 500 BC, they began the process of vegetable tanning (a process through which animal hides are turned into leather is referred to as tanning). Vegetable tanning is one of the main leather production methods and it is made by soaking the hides in a mixture of tree bark and other vegetable matter. The Romans also used this method to create leather for clothes, footwear, military equipment such as saddles and shields, and harnesses.

Leather Tanning: From Vegetable Tanned Leathers to Chrome Tanned Leathers

As societies developed, so did the methods for tanning leather. In the 19th century, chrome tanned leather was introduced. This method uses toxins and chemicals, which are much quicker and easier than vegetable tanning. However, it wasn't until the mid-19th century that this method became widely used.

During the Industrial Revolution, there was a great demand for leather goods. Companies began mass-producing items such as shoes, clothing, furniture, and carriages. To meet this demand, new technologies were developed to speed up the tanning process.

Sulfuric acid and formaldehyde were two of the most commonly used chemicals during this time. These methods are still in use today, although they have been modified to be less harmful.

The Evolution of the Leather Industry

History Of Leather Wallets For Men Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

The leather industry has come a long way since its early beginnings. In the past, leather was mostly used for functional purposes. It was seen as a durable and sturdy material that could be used for a variety of things.

Today, leather is still seen as a practical material. However, it is also viewed as a luxurious item that can add a touch of class to any outfit, piece of furniture or car interior.

In modern days, the changes in the leather industry are largely due to fashion trends. In the 1950s, Hollywood stars such as James Dean and Marlon Brando popularized the leather jacket. Wearing a leather jacket became a symbol of rebellion and toughness. This view on leather was furthered by the rise of motorcycle gangs in the 1960s.

The 1970s saw a return to more traditional styles. Leather was used for everything from belts and handbags to pants and skirts. This decade also saw the rise of various luxury designers and fashion houses, who popularized luxury leather goods.

The 1980s was a flashier and more glamorous decade. Big hair, bright colours, and gold accessories were all the rage. Leather jackets were still popular, but now they were often adorned with zippers and studs. Over to the more laid-back style of the 1990s, with grunge and hip-hop styles dominating fashion. Leather was used for pants, skirts, jackets, and footwear. The famous Doc Martens boots, in particular, became a symbol of this era. 

Today, leather is once again enjoying a surge in popularity. It is being used by both luxury designers, high-end fashion houses as well as high-street brands. Leather jackets, skirts, pants, and dresses are all popular items. In addition, luxury handbags, wallets and shoes are often made of leather.

How Leather Is Being Used Today 

The present day has seen a resurgence in the popularity of leather goods. This is due to a combination of factors, including the increasing demand for luxury items, high-quality products and products made from more eco-friendly and natural materials (not synthetics such as polyester). 


Shoes made of leather, perhaps one of the most classic footwear of all time. It has been an around for hundreds of years and is still to this day elevating. Today you can find footwear made from leather in a variety of designs, price classes and qualities. However, sometimes it is better to spend a bit extra money when it comes to buying leather shoes, as they will last you longer.


Leather clothing has been popular for centuries, in the past it way mainly worn by the wealthy and upper classes. However, today clothing made of leather is more affordable and can be found in a variety of styles. 

A classic leather jackets are a popular choice for both men and women. A leather jacket can be made from a variety of type of hide, for example cowhide or buffalo hide. They also come in a large variety of styles and can be either lined or unlined. Leather pants and skirts are also popular choices, especially among women (or venturous and daring men).


Good leather accessories are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Common leather accessories include belts, handbags, as well as leather wallets.

A leather handbag for women or a leather wallet for men is the classic accessory and will last a long time, due the durability of the leather. What is great about leather is that a leather wallet for example can also be monogrammed, which gives it that perfect personal touch (making it a great gift idea for men).

Monogrammed Leather Wallets For Men Hentley USHigh Quality Leather Wallets For Men From Hentley 


Leather furniture has a classic look that probably will never go out of style. Common leather furniture includes sofas, chairs, and ottomans and is often used in formal living rooms and offices. A car seat made of leather does also give that extra feel of luxury and is more resistant to tear and wear than any standard fabric interior

Leather Wallets and Portfolios For Men — An Innovative Use of Leather

Custom Leather Wallet For Men US HentleyManhattan Classic Wallet For Men From Hentley

A leather wallet for men is a classic accessory that have been, and probably always will be popular. However, Hentley is taking this timeless item to new heights with our unique collection of leather portfolios, passport holders and wallet for men.

Our wallets are made from the finest high-quality Italian leather and comes in a variety of sophisticated designs. We are sure you will be able to find a leather wallet for men that will suit both your personal style and needs! 

What is special about us, and our products is that we also offer the option to get the wallet monogrammed, so you can create a truly unique item. Why not check out this video and learn more about us and our monogrammed wallet.

Our Italian leather wallets, leather passport holders, leather portfolios make the perfect gift for any occasion. They are also an excellent way to treat yourself. After all, you deserve the best!

Don't make do with a boring, ordinary wallet — upgrade to a Hentley Italian leather wallet! 

Thank you for reading this article about the history of leather and leather good, and how leather is being used today!


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