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February 15, 2021

Gift For Him To Give At Special Occasions 2021 Review – A Guide By Hentley

Choosing the best gift for him on a special occasion can be notoriously challenging. No worries, if your partner still has all the needed stuff, we'll help you to find some useful gifts for special occasions. And the best part? The gifts on our website are great for all men, no matter how mercurial tastes they have.

Moreover, if your dad is satisfied with the things that he has, we have something special for them. However, it is not hard to shop for men, but you have to put in some effort so they can appreciate it.

All the gifts for him on our website are made from premium quality material that will last long. You will have a warranty period with most of the wallets. 

Below is a list of all the gifts that include different wallets, socks, belts, luggage tags, gift cards, premium leather conditioner, key chair holders, t-shirts, and tech gadgets. 

Let's find out which is the perfect pitch gift for anniversary, birthday, anniversary, or valentines' day.

List of Gift For Him

1. Classic Wallets For Him

Zanzibar Slim Card Holder

Slim Card Holder

A slim cardholder is a great gift for your husband, father, or other guy friends. Our hentley cardholder has handmade, and it has four card slots in it. The material of the card is pretty smooth and durable. Also, it has a tanned leather material.

Besides, you will have one internal compartment for keeping any other document or money. It has a warranty period of 3 years, and you can customize the wallet as well.

Additionally, you can personalize the wallet it by 3-5 letters. It will look stylish if you print the person's initials to whom you will be gifting the cardholder. , you can add monogramming to enhance the look of this slim cardholder.

We have the high-quality wallets, and it has natural finishing. You can use this card holder for keeping in the wallet. Furthermore, it has a long-lasting quality. 

Bagan Slim Bifold Wallet

Slim Bifold Wallet

Next in our wallet list for him, we have the slim bifold wallet, and it has the classic finishing with the premium quality material. This wallet is simple to use, and it has several sections for keeping the cards. As well, it has a durable finishing with handwoven stitching.

With this wallet, you will have space for holding 15 cards. Moreover, you will have one internal note sleeve with the wallet.

It has 100 percent Italian tanned leather material, and the closed dimensions of this wallet are 2.9 by 9.3 inches. And the good news? You can personalize the wallet by monogramming letters of 3-5 letters. Besides, it is one of our signature series wallet with excellent customer reviews.

The wallet will give a great feel, and it will last for several years. However, the edges of the wallet will not tear after a few years. Our wallets are great for gifting because they will age with you. It has the natural quality material of Italian leather.

Manhattan Classic Wallet

Classic Wallet

If you know your man's choice and like simplistic things, then a manhattan wallet is the best option. This wallet doesn't come with any fuss, and you can easily keep the cards, money, and other things in it. You will have the six card slots in this wallet, and it has one large internal pocket.

For keeping the money, you can use a small slot. Besides, it has the whisky Italian material and contrast of a lighter color stitching. It comes with super durable material, and we have focused on providing the best quality wallets to our customers.

It is simple to use, and you can conveniently keep it in the pocket. The wallet is customizable too.

With this wallet, you will have the option of monogramming. You can add the initials of you and your partner's name on it. Other than that, you can personalize it by monogramming the full title with up to 4 upper case letters. However, we are not offering unique character monogramming. It will be shipped to your location within 24 hours.

The wallet is entirely handmade, and it has closed dimensions,  we are providing three years of warranty.

Kerala Classic Wallet

Kerala Classic Wallet

Next up, we have a handmade wallet named Kerala classic wallet, and it has eight card slots. You will have 100 percent vegetable tanned leather material, and it comes with one internal note pocket as well. Besides, this wallet is customizable as other wallets on our website. You can monogram the letters and names on the wallet up to 4 characters or more on request.

With this wallet, you will have three years warranty period. And the good news? It has the 3.9 by 3.7 inches dimensions and 3.9 by 6.8 inches opened dimensions. As well, this wallet will be best for all the men who need a traditional wallet look.

It also comes with a large cash pocket and accommodates the users who keep a lot of cash. It is also great for keeping the currency of USD, EUR, GBP, CAN, and more. This wallet from our signature collection has high-quality material, and it doesn't tear easily.

You will have a wallet with beautiful finishing, and it has excellent quality edges that will not tear easily. No doubt, this walled it great for the men on their birthday, anniversary, and other special days.

Lahore Wallet

Lahore Wallet

Here we have our most selling and stunning Lahore wallet, which is handmade. And the best part? This wallet is quite spacious, and you can easily keep 14 cards in it. Other wallets do not give more than ten cards in them. So it would be surprising for someone to share this wallet more slots.

Moreover, it has two internal note compartments, and you will have vegetable-tanned Italian durable material. This wallet has two internal note slots, and you can keep the money in them. 

Besides, it has a customizable option, and you can add initials or complete names. This wallet is the biggest in all the collection, but still, it is relatively lightweight.

This wallet has six additional hidden slots, so you will not hassle to keep cards or money in it. You don't need to worry about cash falling out from the space because it has a note. So the wallet will take care of the money by keeping it in the last section.

This Lahore wallet is made from super-durable material, and the design is kept simple. You will have convenience in using the wallet. Though it is straightforward, the looks are great. Heard of less is more? This wallet is fulfilling the requirements entirely whether you want to carry more cash or many cards.

No doubt, it is the best wallet for gifting. You can buy it for your partner, father, brother, and other male mates.

Annapurna Slim Tall Wallet

Annapurna Slim Tall Wallet

Are you familiar with the choice of your partner in wallets? Now, most men prefer buying tall wallets because they are more spacious, and you don't need to carry additional cardholders with them. You will have eight card slots in this wallet, and it has Italian leather material.

You will also have two color options in this wallet, and it is 100 percent vegetable tanned. You will have a handcrafted leather wallet with closed dimensions of 2.9 by 5.3 inches and while opened dimensions are 6.3 by 5.3 inches.

It is customizable as the other wallets in our review, and you will have three years of warranty as well. You can have the monogram of initial name letters or complete name on it for the receiver. Bonus! The company is not charging additionally for the customization.

Manali Passport Wallet

Manali Passport Wallet

This wallet is great for those who want a simple yet stylish wallet for themselves. This tall and slim wallet is excellent for those who travel a lot and want to keep things organized. For instance, it provides five card slots and one internal slot that you can use to keep the documents.

Besides, this travel wallet is entirely handmade, making it durable and having a snug design. As well, the wallet is excellent for keeping bulky travel cards. That's not all; it comes with a passport sleeve and one storage compartment for saving cash.

After having this wallet, you don't need to carry additional bulky cardholders. Best of all, the hentley company is providing an option for customizing the wallet. You can add the initials or complete name to whom you are giving the wallet or your name if you are buying it for yourself.

Kalahari Slim Portfolio Wallet

Kalahari Slim Portfolio Wallet

Next, we have the handmade slim portfolio wallet. This wallet is great for organizing your things, and it has an internal slot that you can use for keeping money. As well, it has the incredible handmade superior quality material. In fact, you will have a space to hold five cards at once.

Other than that, you can keep the phones of 5.5 inches or smaller in it. The internal pocket of this wallet is quite useful. Besides, it has two internal sleeves that you can use for keeping the items larger than 13 inches.

As well, it has the Italian tanned leather material, and it has a length of 19 by 12.8 inches. Furthermore, you will have 2 x internal sleeves, and it will come with a warranty period of 3 years. Similar to the other wallets in our list, you can customize this wallet as well with the name or initials. However, you can add up to 4 letters to this wallet.

With this portfolio bag, you can organize several things. You can use the larger compartment for keeping the laptop or other documents in a straight and secure manner. It will keep all the cards and other documents in a presentable way. 

Additionally, it has the 3 internal compartments that you can use for keeping the laptop and other portable devices. However, for customizing this portfolio holder, you can't add the special characters. Best of all, it will be shipped to you in 24 hours.

2. Accessories Gifts For Him

Safe Dome Premium Leather Bluetooth Key Finder

Bluetooth Key Finder

One of the most useful accessories for men is the Bluetooth key chain tracker. You will have an innovative small device that can track up to 5 things at a time. However, it doesn't have a rechargeable battery, and you need to buy a new Bluetooth key chain finder when the battery dies.

The key finder is not much loud, and you can connect it with the safe dome application to make it ring. Besides, it has a buzzer of 85 decibels, and the proximity will vary. You can also buy multi-packs of the key chain. This portable item finder key chain has water-resistant technology.

Best of all, it comes with the Bluetooth 5 range. It comes with the 100meters outdoor range as well as a 30meters range for the indoor buildings. The key chain is not customizable right now, but we are working on it so you can print yours and your partner's name on it. Indeed, it is an excellent gift for your loved ones on their birthday or any other special occasion.

This key chain has a premium soft leather casing, and you will be conveniently able to find the keys with your phone. It will alert when anything is missing. Isn't it amazing? You can check where are your tickets and other stuff on the map? And the good news? The key chain has a replaceable battery in it.

Hentley Gift Card

Hentley Gift Card

This hentley gift card could be the perfect gift if you are puzzled to give any other item from our guide. With a gift card, you can easily select the amount you want to gift in your budget. Besides, this gift card is great for those men who don't usually like to carry cash with them.

To give this gift card, you have to choose a certain amount and then click on the purchase card gift online. This gift card will be valid for 12 months after the purchase date. You will have the virtual gift details in the email, and you will be notified when it is sent to your recipient or the given address you placed while processing the order.

Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag

Does your partner travel a lot? You can buy a luggage tag for him. Best of all, you will have a handcrafted, high-quality leather tag, and it has an adjustable strap. Indeed, the receiver will love the luggage tag because you can customize the label as well. You can add the full name or initials of you and your partner to the title.

Best of all, it has the premium Italian leather material. It has 26.5 by 1 cm dimensions. And that's not all; you will have a leather flap with it as well. The tag will look good with any bag. It comes with a dust bag, and you can write details.

Indeed, it will be the best and quick identification card for travelers. It comes with a warranty of 3 years, and you will get it within 12 days. This luggage tag is quite simple, but you will love the quality. We have simple yet most durable accessories that are worth buying for their price.

Premium Leather Conditioner

Premium Leather Conditioner

Men often have many leather items in their wardrobe, whether it is a belt, wallet, phone case, or another accessory. You can gift this conditioner to them. This shiner is convenient to use, and it has organic natural ingredients that will bring back the shine of your leather items.

Additionally, it has a compact size, and you can easily keep it in your pocket. Besides, it has a length of 50ml. You will have the best shiner for the natural tanned leather items. However, if you will give any leather item from our website, you can add this conditioner to the gift bag. 

Most of the time, men throw the wallets or belts when the leather shine is gone, but with this conditioner, you can enhance your accessories' lifespan.

Belt Charcoal

Belt Charcoal

A black leather belt with the classic buckle combo will enhance the overall look of your personality. This belt in our hentley family is a new addition. You will have stainless steel material, and it will come with premium finishing.

Moreover, it has Italian leather material, which doesn't lose its shine. Best of all, the belt will last for several years, and it will go with any outfit.

Furthermore, this belt is made by keeping simplicity in mind, and you will have fine quality material. It will not irritate the waist. This belt is suitable for those who have a waist size of 30 to 46. Giving a belt will be the best gift to your father, brother, husband, or any other relative on their special day.

No doubt, the belt is pretty simple than other brands of the belt, but it is worth buying for its durable quality.

Frequently Asked Question's

Which Are The Best Small Gifts For Guys?

The best small gifts for guys include the accessories like socks, belts, key chains, or any tech gadget.

Which Is The Best Gift For The Father's Day?

We have several gift options for father's day on our website. You can choose a wallet, belt, key chain Bluetooth detector, wireless charger, and more. If your father travels, then you can buy a travel passport wallet or leather tag for your bag.

Is A Wallet Good For Gifting On A Valentine's Day?

Yes, a wallet is a good gift for any man because it is beneficial. You will find several kinds of wallets in our guide. Also, our wallets have an extended warranty period. The premium leather material wallets from our site are worth buying. Also, you can check the reviews of the customers who bought wallets for further satisfaction.

To Sum Up

All in all, we have given you a variety of gifts that you can buy for your loved one on any special occasion like father's day, valentine's Day, birthday, etc. Comment below which gift you are going to buy from our site. We'd love to know!

Thanks for the read!

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