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September 26, 2016

When we arrived in Japan for the first time we had a good idea of what we would expect however we didn't find it until we landed in Kyoto.

Kyoto envelopes the traditional Japan in every way. You'll discover true masterpieces of architecture right through to pristine zen gardens.

Very few cities offer such an extensive range of restaurants. Discover impeccably refined cuisines such as Kaiseki to Udon and our new found favourite, Ramen. The best restaurants and tea houses are in traditional wooden buildings, where you look out over intimate private gardens.

Simply wander through the streets and immerse yourself in the amazing culture, Japan is so commonly known for!

The Ishibei-Koji Lane is one of the most impressive little discoveries in Kyoto. Filled with amazing restaurants and Geisha sightings, it's one lane way you wont want to miss!

A video of our adventure can be found here.

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